What Does a Divorce Settlement Agreement Look like


Divorce can be a difficult and complex process for many couples. One important aspect of finalizing a divorce is the settlement agreement. A divorce settlement agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the divorce and specifies how the couple will divide their assets and liabilities. In this article, we will look at what a divorce settlement agreement typically includes.

Division of Assets and Liabilities

One of the most important aspects of a divorce settlement agreement is the division of assets and liabilities. This includes everything from property and vehicles to bank accounts and debt. The agreement should clearly outline how the couple will divide their assets and liabilities. This may involve selling assets and splitting the proceeds or transferring assets from one spouse to the other.

Child Custody and Support

If the couple has children, the divorce settlement agreement should include a plan for child custody and support. This plan should specify where the children will live and how much time each parent will spend with them. It should also outline how much child support will be paid, who will pay it, and how often it will be paid.


In some cases, one spouse may be required to pay alimony (also known as spousal support) to the other. The divorce settlement agreement should specify the amount of alimony to be paid, who will pay it, and how often it will be paid.


The divorce settlement agreement should also address issues related to insurance. This may include health insurance, life insurance, and homeowner`s insurance. The agreement should specify who will be responsible for paying insurance premiums and how the coverage will be divided.


Divorce can have significant tax implications, and the settlement agreement should address these issues. This may include issues related to income tax, property tax, and capital gains tax. The agreement should specify how the couple will file their taxes and how they will divide any tax liabilities.

Final Thoughts

A divorce settlement agreement is an important document that outlines how a couple will divide their assets and liabilities, address child custody and support, and handle other important issues related to their divorce. If you are going through a divorce, it is important to work with an experienced divorce attorney to draft a settlement agreement that protects your rights and interests.