Terrace enclosures Living line Selekt

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Our enclosure Selekt with just one track offer a comfortable walking around your pool, is easy to maintain and let your tiles shine.


Not only is the structure stable and functional, we also put emphasis on its appearance. The profiles, including corners, are unobtrusively rounded. The plugs are made of polyamid, or more commonly of aluminum, and they match the color of the structure.


The structure of the enclosure is highly resistive thanks to the materials used and its corrosion resistance. All joints are hidden and do not disturb the overall appearance of the enclosure.


The standard color of the enclosure is RAL 7035 or 7016; any shade from the RAL scale can be used. We use high-durability Tiger paint. Most caps and plugs are varnished, and the tracks are coated with resistive silver anodizing.


We use 3 types of panels – cellular polycarbonate for light weight and low costs, compact acrylate that stands our for its appearance, non-absorbability and flexibility, and compact polycarbonate used in places with a high risk of damage to the panel.


Sealing in gaps between segments and seals on the front door, combined with hinged seals, minimize heat loss. All seals are made of EPDM and are equipped with a leading edge along the circumference of the panels for better drainage.


Easy sliding along the track is ensured by 8 casters with sockets for each segment. The track along which it moves is 15 mm high, compact and designed for barefoot walking.